Heath Price

Construction Manager

Heath is an accomplished and transparent Construction Manager with over 25 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, including a number of years in senior roles at Tier 1 construction companies. At SYNERGY CONSTRUCT, Heath has overall corporate responsibility for project delivery, and demonstrates effective communication and understanding of the needs and perspectives of all project stakeholders to achieve successful project outcomes.

He is acknowledged as an industry leader and innovator, particularly championing the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and prefabrication practices in South Australia. He has been involved in many well known Adelaide tier 1 projects, including Flinders Medical Centre, Aerial Apartments and 50 Flinders Street.

In 2020 Heath Price was awarded the Building Professional of the Year award in the South Australian AIB Professional Excellence in Building Awards for his leadership on Unilodge Gray Street project.

As a part of the SYNERGY CONSTRUCT team, Heath delivers exceptional collaboration, leadership and analytical problem solving capabilities while continually seeking opportunities to introduce advanced digital technology to solve design and buildability challenges.

Your next project needs credible tier 1 thinking.

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