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SYNERGY CONSTRUCT is a multi award winning commercial construction company in Adelaide, we are passionate about growing our business exponentially, creating an awesome team, and utilising cutting edge systems to deliver outstanding projects.

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SYNERGY CONSTRUCT is a multi award winning full service design and construct building company that specialises in high density residential, office and commercial high rise construction. Our trusted reputation means we’re a well known name in the industry having successfully delivered significant building projects and we continue to demonstrate very strong growth in the local commercial construction sector.

At SYNERGY CONSTRUCT, we believe in creating exceptional buildings that exceed expectations and stand the test of time, using advanced construction methods. These time tested methods ensure we complete every project on time and makes us one of the most cost effective commercial construction companies in Adelaide.

In a rapidly changing industry, we’re a reliable and values based commercial construction company that is driven by developing long term, win-win relationships with all stakeholders and end users of our buildings.

As Tier 1 thinkers, we advocate for early involvement in the building process as our influence at the design stage can significantly improve the project’s total cost, building program duration and overall quality of the outcome. This also means we can commit to a fixed cost and build program well before full documentation is complete.



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Tier 1 building approach

Whether through direct negotiation or select tender, our Tier 1 building approach means we add value early on in the design process to achieve outstanding cost and buildability outcomes. We can commit to a fixed price and building program well before full documentation is completed. This means earlier certainty around feasibility, project risk, and delivery.

Tier 1 thinking improves project feasibility by:

  • converging on the most feasible design options faster
  • early confirmation of final build costs and program
  • starting construction before full documentation is complete and
  • seeking innovative solutions at all stages of the project.

Expert Management

SYNERGY CONSTRUCT’s management systems are certified to international standards for Quality, Safety and Environmental Management, resulting in outcomes that exceed industry benchmarks and client expectations.

We are included on the JAS-ANZ register for certified companies.

Our values

At SYNERGY CONSTRUCT, we pride ourselves on creating mutually beneficial partnerships and collaboration and on the depth and trust on which these relationships are built. We also have a strong commitment to working with local Adelaide talent.

Given quality and outstanding work is crucial to us, we believe that falling back on our core values helps us to exceed with every project. We:

  • build longlasting relationships
  • evolve fast as a team
  • are safe and accurate thinkers
  • do more with less and believe in true innovation
  • are humble, honest and passionate
  • take personal responsibility and can be held accountable.

Safety and Sustainability

SYNERGY CONSTRUCT is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions to eliminate injury and prevent loss or damage on and off site.

We implement site specific Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP), and are certified to ISO 14001  Environmental Management Systems.

We continually review our quality control and assurance processes to ensure the best outcomes at all times. Our safety initiatives include:

  • ISO45001 certified occupational health and safety management systems
  • dedicated site safety manager working with every team
  • constant safety awareness and regulations.

Safety and safe thinking is always a priority and this is visible in everything that we do. Our teams embody and promote best safety practices and ensure that safe thinking is paramount.


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As a full service commercial construction company, your project and development opportunities are in safe and credible hands with SYNERGY CONSTRUCT.



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Our projects showcase a high level of skill, challenges solved, innovation and construction excellence.


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