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Keeping people safe

SYNERGY CONSTRUCT is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions to eliminate injury and prevent loss or damage on— and off— site.

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We continually review our quality control and assurance processes to ensure the best outcomes at all times. Our safety initiatives include:

  • ISO 4801 compliant safety programs
  • AS 4801 occupational health and safety management systems
  • nominated site safety manager working with every team
  • constant safety awareness and regulations

Safety and safe thinking is always a priority and this is visible in everything that we do. Our teams embody and promote best safe thinking practices and ensure that safety will always come before production.


The best of tier 1 thinking


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Our Approach

Transparent. Local. Safe


Maximising energy efficiency and utilising supreme materials to complement the highest quality of design and construction, our custom facades are transforming developments to meet the needs of the future.


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Experienced. Educated. Committed.

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With a proactive approach to all projects, our professional and experienced team are there for you every step of the way.

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