Vibe Hotel

The Vibe Hotel on Flinders Street is a stunning contribution to Adelaide’s east and is the first in Australia to feature an impressive suspended bridge swimming pool, allowing guests to swim mid-air.

With a beautifully crafted architectural facade the hotel comprises 123 guest rooms across 19 storeys and includes a ground floor restaurant. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the high-quality internal finishes, which were carefully chosen through comprehensive sample selections and prototyping processes. The project boasts a 21-month construction program and a 6,700m² gross floor area. A passively reinforced concrete floor system was utilised to enhance structural integrity.

The project received honors at the 2024 Australasia-Pacific Hotel Design Awards.

  • 19 Storeys
  • 123 Suites
  • 4.5 Star hotel

SYNERGY CONSTRUCT’s experience in managing complex construction projects within tight CBD footprints was instrumental in ensuring the successful delivery of the project.

Key optimisations include:

  • Positioning the crane inside the lift shaft instead
    of outside the building footprint, providing a solution
    to complex site access restraints.
  • Load-bearing precast substituting steel framing
    and lightweight cladding, accelerating the program
    and solving multiple construction challenges.

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