Synergy Construct

is simply a better way to build

Synergy Construct
is a new Adelaide based commercial builder that applies fresh advanced methods to construction; more innovative, faster, more cost effective commercial construction through Tier 1 Thinking

Involve us early for
a big impact on project cost

Reduce project costs by shortening the program
by working through the preliminaries quicker and
converging on the most feasible design option faster


Built on relationships

At Synergy Construct we are not just building
structures; we are building reputation

Synergy Construct
goes that extra mile to achieve trust, honesty and integrity with our customers, suppliers, and our own people.

We manage safety, project delivery and quality to achieve financial goals by working with people first and materials and machines second.

We strive to achieve more than good; we aim for great – every time.

Save time and money

Tier 1 thinking improves project feasibility by…

Converging on the most feasible design option quicker, starting construction before full documentation, continuing to seek innovative alternatives to later stages while implementing earlier stages.

We can commit to a fixed price well before full documentation is completed; that’s Tier 1 Thinking.


Tier 1 approach to
competitive bidding

Synergy construct ensures that the major
proportion of your total project cost is
competitively bid by the subcontractor market

Recent projects

115 King William Street

(as Head Contractor
Synergy Construct)


October 2014


24 levels with single basement


Design and Construct


Head Contractor Base
Building Works

Working with us

Call us for more information on how
our innovative approach can help
you save on your next project

Synergy Construct
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